“We are each gifted in a unique way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light”

This program focusses on  personality development  and community building for children studying in municipal schools and those living in slums.

The process includes training in the disciplines of music, dance, theatre and the visual arts.

The study of the fine arts provide learners with non-academic benefits such as promoting self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity.

The capacity to express oneself through Arts, empowers an individual and helps them take a step forward to come out of mental barriers.

DMT offers individuals an opportunity to be expressive, release tension and trauma, find their inner voices and grow in independence. It can be practiced both at an individual level and in group settings within the health, education, social service and private sectors.

DMT has three primary influences such as modern dance, movement analysis and developing.

Benefits of DMT

  • For people who want to enhance personal communication skills, self-exploration or self-understanding.
  • For people who have concerns about body image.
  • For anyone experiencing difficulties with emotional problems, conflict or distress.
  • For people who have issues with proximity, physical contact or trust.
  • For people who may find some feelings or experiences too overwhelming or difficult to communicate by words alone.
  • For those whom verbal communication is a challenge.

As parents and caregivers, we should strive to give our children the tools to build a successful life, and one of the best choices you can make for your children is giving them the gift of music.

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills : intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together.

Benefits of Music Education

In addition to improving creativity, learning music cultivates many skills that will continue to be useful to your children throughout their lives. The following are some of the skills that listening to music and taking music lessons help develop in children:

Learning music will help the child develop concentration, as they must focus on a particular activity over extended periods of time. Developing concentration in this way also will help them when they must focus their attention on other subjects at school.

Practicing music improves hand-eye coordination. Children develop important motor skills when playing music just as they do when playing different sports.

More and more, music therapy is being used to complement more traditional forms of medicine. Researchers acknowledge that certain types of music can aid relaxation by lowering heart rates and blood pressure.

Children develop patience and perseverance, which will help them later in life when they must tackle other more difficult challenges.

The act of learning and performing, the encouragement of a teacher and the enthusiasm of a proud parent, l build in a child a sense of pride and confidence. Moreover, children who practice self-expression and creativity often become better communicators later in life.

Researchers also have found a significant relationship between music instruction and positive performances in such areas as: reading comprehension, spelling, mathematics, listening skills, primary mental abilities (verbal, perceptual, numeric, spatial) and motor skills.

Educating children should be holistic. We have to see the needs for complete development because body and mind are linked. Human values need to be cultured for the sake of the mind and the body.

For school going kids, nowadays it is a stressful experience with worries about peer pressure, studies, future decisions, and competition. Regular practice of meditation is the need of the hour – to reverse these negative experiences and prepare for a bright future.

Meditation can make children calmer, more peaceful, happier and relaxed – every time they practice it. This increases their attention in the classroom and of course the retention of the knowledge they gain.

Benefits of meditation for school going children:

  • Improves their creativity
  • Improves their concentration
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Enables better interaction with peers



Ajay Pashilkar

“I wished to do something in life, Kalpataru program helped me upgrade my confidence level and gave me the chance to make my dream come true.”

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

Bhaundas Chavhan

“During practice period I learned the importance of discipline. I wish to stand as a role model in society whether it is in academic field, singing field or tabla field. i got that opportunity from you and i feel extremely thankful”

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

Mahadevi Waghmare

“I never thought i could perform on such a big platform but i could i am very lucky as Kamalika Madam, Sumita Madam & Christopher Sir had given us this opportunity”

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

Darshan Kalsait

“I have lost the sense of fear on stage and i respect music even more. From this program we feel that everything is possible in our life with proper guidance and hard work.”

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

“We have DMT sessions every month in our centre. I remember one session where we had to put hold one end of a string in our mouth and the other end was in another person’s mouth, and then people had to pass from under the string. I like how the teacher makes us move, I have never moved in such different ways. I am learning a lot in this session and I hope it will make me a better person!” – Aditya Singh

Beneficiary: Light of Life Trust Worli

“We do activities with Aishani madam at the centre. We did an activity with balloons, how to balance to balloon with partners, how to not let the balloon fall down. And how these activities are connected with our daily lives. I learnt a lot in these workshops. In our world, how do we help someone in need? I also learnt how without talking or another person saying anything, how we can work together.” – Ketan Subhash

Beneficiary: Light of Life Trust Karjat