The strength of the Team lies in the individual and the strength of the individual lies in the Team.

Most companies in today’s world offer a workplace wellness program. These program’s are designed to being employees together, improve morale, and make them more productive.

Artscape offers the Dance Movement Therapy program which is a lot of FUN, leaves you HAPPY, helps you CONNECT with your fellow employees, improves your physical fitness, and gets you feeling more relaxed in no time.


The process involves exploring the inner resources of individuals through contained creative movement play. With an integrated approach of both Creativity and Science we customize and curate workshops using Art based tools.

Each Session conducted by a trained Facilitator is for 1.5 Hours.

What is DMT ? According to the American Dance Therapy Association, DMT is defined as, “The Psycho therapeutic use of movement and dance through which a person can engage creatively in a process to further their emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration”.

DMT offers individuals an opportunity to be expressive, release tension and trauma, find their inner voices and grow in independence. It can be practiced both at an individual level and in group settings within the health, education, social service and private sectors. DMT is founded on the principle that movement reflects an individual’s patterns of thinking and feeling.It can also help participants shift to a more positive self-image. Less satisfying behaviors can be transformed into healthier forms of expression and social struggles can be worked out through alternative movement outlets. Psycho-physical techniques can provide new hope and possibilities for people who are suffering from psychological and social hardships.

DMT has three primary influences such as modern dance, movement analysis and developing

  • For people who want to enhance personal communication skills, self-exploration or self-understanding
  • For people who have concerns about body image
  • For anyone experiencing difficulties with emotional problems, conflict or distress
  • For people who have issues with proximity, physical contact or trust
  • For people who may find some feelings or experiences too overwhelming or difficult to communicate by words alone For those whom verbal communication is a challenge

    • A trained Facilitator leads a group using Dance,Music and Movement as a tool to increase emotional expression and confidence
    • Different modules and props are used
    • The music chosen is specific to the task
    • The Session requires adequate space for all participants to move freely and can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor spaces
    • All movements are unique and respect everyone’s body and mind
    • No previous training in Music or Dance is required to join this Session
    • What are the Benefits of a DMT Session?
    • Increase the level of comfort with body and mind
    • Increase Self-awareness, self-esteem and personal autonomy
    • Build a positive self-image
    • Reduce negativity or feeling of defeat, if present
    • Create a space for Sharing
    • Allow scope for enjoyment
    • Use movement for relaxation


A typical Session of DMT will ensure better CONNECTION with oneself resulting in better COMMUNICATION, enhanced SOCIAL INTERACTION and a sense of TRUST amongst the entire Team.

“The strength of the Team lies in the individual and the strength of the individual lies in the Team”



“Woman’s day celebration organized for us was a very refreshing activity. Learning new technique of relaxation has helped to control the stress level. Looking forward for such activities in future”
Nandita Mane
Relationship Manager – Insignia, RBL Bank

“The Dance Music Therapy was a very innovative session I have experienced. It has bought a sense of self awareness and confidence in me. I do try and follow what I have learnt at the session and it proves to be very helpful.”
Enola Braganza
Client Service Ambassador, RBL Bank

“Women’s Day Dance Music Therapy was indeed a de-stressing activity. It was a wonderful CSR initiative and touched my heart. It actually takes few moments to find ourselves from our busy schedule to find self – love and self – care. This initiative should be rolled out for all the staff of our bank.”
– Aparna Lokapure
Branch Manager, RBL Bank

“Thank you for organizing such a wonderful session. Till the day, was not even aware of the therapeutic values of dance and its importance. It was greatly needed specially since life has become so full of stress and tension. For an hour and a half , we just lost ourselves in the moment. Felt free, relaxed and happy.”
– Michelle Alistair
Regional Service Head and Nodal Officer, RBL Bank