The strength of the Team lies in the individual and the strength of the individual lies in the Team.

Corporate Wellness

“Globally, more than 25% of mental illnesses arise due to workplace stress. Job stress has professional and personal consequences. It affects workplace performance, relationship with co-workers and peers, quality of work and their relationships with superiors which trickles into their personal lives too. This disruption leads to feelings of distress which remain unaddressed. These suppressed emotions over a long period of time lead to emotional outbursts, anxiety, depression causing inefficiency and increases the burden on the organization.

Artscape recognizes the dire need to intervene in this area through its Corporate Wellness programme to provide a platform to engage and express their emotions, help them relax and enable them to attain a state of mental well being under any given circumstance through Expressive Art Therapy. Sessions are designed using Music, Movement, Meditation & Art. Our sessions will ensure introspection, the deeper understanding of personal motives, changes in perspective to facilitate optimum communication, creativity, and efficiency in the workplace.”


Beneficiary-Corporate Wellness

Best experience in my life. I felt relaxed, my stress was reduced. This is useful and brought more clarity about mindset.

Beneficiary-Corporate Wellness

It's a relaxing process to know about yourself which we forget many times. It will make you feel important.

Relationship Manager – Insignia, RBL Bank

Woman’s day celebration organized for us was a very refreshing activity. Learning a new technique of relaxation has helped to control the stress level. Looking forward to such activities in future

Nandita Mane

Client Service Ambassador, RBL Bank

The Dance Music Therapy was a very innovative session I have experienced. It has bought a sense of self-awareness and confidence in me. I do try and follow what I have learned at the session and it proves to be very helpful.

Enola Braganza

Branch Manager, RBL Bank

Women’s Day Dance Music Therapy was indeed a de-stressing activity. It was a wonderful CSR initiative and touched my heart. It actually takes a few moments to find ourselves from our busy schedule to find self – love and self – care. This initiative should be rolled out for all the staff of our bank.

Aparna Lokapure

Regional Service Head and Nodal Officer, RBL Bank

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful session. Till the day, was not even aware of the therapeutic values of dance and its importance. It was greatly needed especially since life has become so full of stress and tension. For an hour and a half, we just lost ourselves in the moment. Felt free, relaxed and happy.

Michelle Alistair